Name:Lydia Grace EastonCaleb Jonathan EastonIsaac Joshua Easton
Age:12 years, 3 months, 9 days10 years, 5 months, 14 days8 years, 3 months, 12 days
Date of Birth:9 July 20054 May 20076 July 2009
Time of Birth:12:35 pm5:26 pm22:07
Place of Birth:Wexham Park HospitalWexham Park HospitalWexham Park Hospital
Birth Weight:8lbs 10oz8lbs 10oz8lbs 11.5oz

Latest News - Christmas 2011 (3 January 2012)

Happy New Year! We have had a happy and relaxing ten days or so, celebrating Christmas and New Year with family and friends. Christmas Day and Boxing Day were spent at Elizabeth's parents, and David's parents came to stay with us in Maidenhead a bit later in the week. The children thoroughly enjoyed both visits and spending time with their grandparents, uncles and aunt. (Sadly we were not able to see Andrew and Naomi due to illness).
They had lots of lovely presents. For Isaac the highlight was most definitely his wooden train set which he has played with almost non-stop since we gave it to him on Christmas Day! Lydia and Caleb have had a lot of fun with their new collection of dressing up clothes and use them in many creative and imaginative games!
Christmas has also been a good time for Isaac in his language development and he is communicating really well. Tomorrow could be very strange (and quiet) for him, as Lydia and Caleb go back to school!