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"Just want to say how fantastic your Sudoku generator is, I purchased a code for it yesterday and it's been the best 5 I've spent in ages! The problem is it's so addictive, my uni work is getting put back further and further!"
Will Chadwick

You are free to continue to use Sudoku Puzzle Generator without charge. However, please consider registering if you want to show appreciation for the program and think it is worth the registration cost

Registration of Sudoku Puzzle Generator costs just 5 (less than $10, less than €10).

Pay using your Paypal account or by credit/debit card. If you do not wish to pay online, we can accept either 5, $10 or €10 notes. Contact us on the above email address for details

A registration key will be emailed to you following registration. At present this is a manual process, so please be patient, the registration key will be emailed to you as quickly as possible.

Registration will enable a number of additional features in your Sudoku Puzzle Generator including:

Your registration will continue to work with future releases of the software.